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Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder


Online Tool For Hybrid Working Teams

LAMP Stack
Production since Nov 22

A webapp for businesses Working hybrid

Web Application
LAMP Stack
Production since Summer 2021

Hybriteam is something I originally built, when my former workplace came back from covid, and we adapted the hybrid way of working. We had a whiteboard with an overview of our entire team, and the days in the week. Then we had to manually update every week, if we had any changed plans on when we were coming in to the office.

That was a simple solution, unfortunately it required us to actually be in office when we changed plans, and also be in when we had to see who of our colleagues we could expect to see the next day.

I therefore said I would make a better solution, and went home for a busy weekend. Unfortunately I didn’t have it all finished by the start of the coming week, but during the week I allocated some nights to make the missing parts, and had an early alpha ready for my team to take on.

I have since built upon it with features we wanted, and since then features that other users has requested, and now I’m working on expanding to the first full version which will also include a paid version, if the free plan isn’t enough.

You can see more on hybriteam.com

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