Mike Jensen

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder


Online Football Prediction Game

Web Application
LAMP Stack
Production since Summer 2021

Back in the summer of 2021, the Euros was about to kick off. In the office we had a tradition of guessing the scores of the matches in a competition format. Usually done on Excel, as it was the quick and simple solution, but for the 2020 Euros (held in 2021 due to Covid), I couldn’t find an Excel Sheet that lived up to our expectations, so I went home and built something quick in PHP. I used Java at work, but PHP was my go-to for quick-2-prod Web applications.

A login system and a betting system was built, but the scores had to be updated manually by me.

At first it was just us in the office, but a couple of other teams joined for the Euros, and when the Euro 2020 was over (I didn’t win our Pool), I thought about what to do with the site.

I added the Danish Superliga and the English Premier League as new competitions to play the prediction game on, but only The Superliga had players, but not many. I also added automatic updating of results, which made my part way easier.

I teamed up with some of the Danish Football Twitter Community, and suddenly had a couple of hundred players playing daily, some only weekly, in a Pool run by one of the well-known people of the community.

Since there’s been the World Cup, and soon the Euros are back. The site has potential, and a new version in the making, that opens for more data to be shown, as way more data is now crawled, including player data, goal scorers, extensive match data etc.

Come by at BetBattle.dk to check it out, be cautious though, it’s still only in Danish.

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