Mike Jensen

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder
  • BetBattle


    Online Football Prediction Game Web ApplicationLAMP StackProduction since Summer 2021 Back in the summer of 2021, the Euros was about to kick off. In the office we had a tradition of guessing the scores of the matches in a competition format. Usually done…

  • Hybriteam


    A webapplication for managing hybrid work in a team. This is where I mostly focus my spare time these days, and I hope to some day turn this into a side project which is actually profitable.

  • Pokébase


    News and Info Site Built from Ground Up Web ApplicationLAMP StackProduction since July 2017 Pokébase is a community site for the Danish Pokémon GO Community.Whilst the Pokémon GO mania was at it highest over a year ago, the community is still striving.I’d noticed…