Mike Jensen

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder


News and Info Site Built from Ground Up Web ApplicationLAMP StackProduction since July 2017 Pokébase is a community site for the Danish Pokémon GO Community.Whilst the Pokémon GO mania was at it highest over a year ago, the community is still striving.I’d noticed a lack of Danish news sites, and acted on that. The site


Online Football Prediction Game Web ApplicationLAMP StackProduction since Summer 2021 Back in the summer of 2021, the Euros was about to kick off. In the office we had a tradition of guessing the scores of the matches in a competition format. Usually done on Excel, as it was the quick and simple solution, but for


A webapplication for managing hybrid work in a team. This is where I mostly focus my spare time these days, and I hope to some day turn this into a side project which is actually profitable.